Applicant (hereinafter described) hereby applies for exhibit space at the 13th Annual Renegade Rendezvous produced by Renegade Classics Promotions. This application shall become an agreement between applicant and Renegade Classics Promotions for the use of said space under the following terms and conditions. Renegade Classics Promotions will assign exhibit space in accordance with an exhibitor's stated preference, depending upon its availability. Exhibit fees will include space rental and 2 exhibitor credentials per space. Additional exhibitor badges are available at check-in for a fee. Upon payment all applicants will receive a confirmation.Location will be assigned upon check-in.


Event Date: Dixon Fairgrounds

September 8, 2018 655 South 1st

Dixon Fairgrounds

655 South 1st

Dixon, CA 95620

(Camping available, call: 916-454-3773)


(YES: Add $35 to booth cost for electricity)|

We will be selling/displaying the following products or services:

California Sellers Permit #:


Day before Set-up: Sept. 7th 12pm - 6pm

Day of Show Set-up: Sept 8th 6am - 9:30am

Show Hours: Sept 8th 10am – 6pm

Tear Down: Sept 8th 6pm – 9pm

Terms and Conditions for Exhibit Space


No telephone reservations will be accepted and there are NO GUARANTEED reservations without payment. You must complete the application and submit it to us with full payment online to reserve your space. Upon acceptance of your application, a confirmation will be sent to you. Spaces will be assigned on a first paid, first reserved basis. (NoExceptions)


The policy of controlling the number of exhibitors selling/displaying at each show will continue throughout 2018. So early reservations with full-payment is important!


All booth assignments will be given at the same time of exhibitor check-in and are based on a first paid, first reserved basis. Management well work with you as best as possible to honor your space requests. Special circumstances require management discretion. Renegade Classics Promotions reserves the right to re-assign your reserved exhibit space if you do not set-up times, or call our office at 916-454-3773.


There will be 2 day passes given per booth reserved. No exceptions. You will receive your wristbands at check-in,please make sure all your employees are wearing their wristbands during show hours. Exhibitors will be allowed to purchase additional passes for employees at check-in.


60-30 Days – Full Refund

30-7 Days -- $25.00 Fee per 10x10 space

7-0 Days – No Refund


Each confirmed exhibitor will receive a confirmation of set-up times. The only exceptions to these set-up times will be exhibitors with 6 booths or more, fifth wheels, and semi-trucks. These larger displays may set-up earlier upon management's request. Tear down times are posted on the confirmation. NO EARLY TEAR DOWN without show management approval - No exceptions.


Exhibitor drapes, hangings, curtains, drops and all decorative materials that would tend to increase a fire hazard shall be made from nonflammable materials, or shall be treated and maintained in flame-retardant solution. The state Fire Marshall may come in at any time to enforce this


Renegade Classics Promotions has the exclusive right to display, license, sell and merchandise all event novelties (tshirts, run pins, etc.) ALL WATER & BEER. Renegade Classics Promotions further has the right to inspect, approve,reject or otherwise control the display, promotion, sale or the merchandising of products or services by exhibitors at the event in its sole discretion. Any products or services rejected by Renegade Classics Promotions must be immediately removed from the event premises and may be removed by Renegade Classics Promotions, if this does not occur. Illegal drugs, and drug paraphernalia, weapons, merchandise containing racial slurs, manufacturer or copyright infringements,obscenities or other offensive or other detrimental matter will not be permitted. Merchandise designed to be passed off as event merchandise (use of city, date, event name, trademarks etc.) or which has this effect will not be permitted.


Applicant agrees to observe and comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations.Applicant assumes all costs and liability arising from the use of patented, trademarked, copyrighted or service markedmaterials, equipment, processes or creative rights. Applicant shall not assign or attempt to sell or assign this agreement or any rights hereunder without the prior written consent of Renegade Classics Promotions. Renegade Classics Promotions reserves the right to terminate the license granted by this agreement fo0r good cause and, in said event. Applicant agrees to waive and forego all claims for damages and recourse of any kind. Applicant agrees to assume all risks arising out of or relating to its attendance or participation at said event and to protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Renegade Classics Promotions, the owners and the operator of the event site and facility, and each of their agents, servants, contractors and employees from any and all liability, loss, damage or expense it may cause or sustain from any cause whatsoever, including fire, flood, theft, personal injury or property loss. I further acknowledge that I am aware that I cannot sell, give or offer for sale any pictures or accounting of this event for publication without the permission of Renegade Classics Promotions. I have read and understand all of the above terms and conditions.

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